Interviewing Benny Ramos – Concept

Lit Benny, Sonia Ramos & Benny Ramos

Some months ago I published about my experience with the Whitecross band in Guatemala. Benny Ramos, the actuall bass player who enjoys a lot visiting us presents a new Neo Soul band called “Concept”. I hope we hear soon some of their interpretations.  Benny is a very dear person to me. I had the opportunity of guiding him when he visited us at Casa de Dios

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What is your occupation? / ¿A qué te dedicas?

 I am a musician for a living as well as a Praise and Worship minister. Just about everything I do is in music. I have played on about 70 recordings because I used to be a studio musician back in the day. I also have played for a lot of different signed artists and people in the music industry. Currently I play for about 5 different bands or artists such as Whitecross, The Royal Guard and Concept. Concept is a brand new band just starting to get its music out and is really dear to my heart because I am very involved in the writing and management of the music.

What is your motivation as an artist? / ¿Cuál es tu motivación como artista?

 My motivation as an artist is to have an impact on others through what I play or write or do. I believe in leaving a LEGACY. People are going to leave one. It can be a good one or a bad one but people are going to leave one. I want to change peoples perspective and outlook on life through music. People need to know that a good and a GOD thing can come out of music. Not a negative thing.

What musical genders do you have? / ¿Qué géneros manejan?

 Because I was a studio musican in the past I had to learn just about everything. I play R&B, Rock, hip hop, Neo soul,  Jazz. As a child my Father first showed me Tejano and Conjunto style music. The style with accordians. I can still play it today if I need to. Sometimes I play with different bands on the same day and I’ve got to shift my mind very quickly because of different styles. When I play my feel needs to be different.

Who are members of your team? /¿Quiénes integran tu equipo?

 Concept has 3 members. Sonia Ramos, Lil Benny Ramos and me(Benny Ramos). Sonia sings Lead Vocals and is more in the front. She also helps with lyric writing for the band. Lil Benny plays Keyboards in this band and also plays all the Drums on the studio songs. It is strange that he plays Keyboards because he is known around our area as an accomplished Drummer. He also is the main writer of the music. I play all the Guitars and Bass. I sing Background Vocals and I also am the other main writer of music in Concept.

What is the story behind this? / ¿Cuál es la historia detrás de lo que haces?

 Because I have played for so many years with people I always wanted to make a band with people that I have personally trained or poured into musically. Sonia is my younger sister so I have trained her to sing on our praise team for many years. I have been direclty been invlolved with Lil Benny as a musician as well. But only as much as I could keep up with him. I taught him what I know but he just passed me up. He now writes and plays for other people in this area.

What has been your personal experience till now? / ¿Cuál es tu experiencia personal?

 I love what I do. I thank the Lord for what he has done so far. I know he has even greater things for all of us in Concept. Even though there has been some rough years in playing and ministering, the good outweighs the bad. In fact I sometimes don’t remember the bad times. I try not to. Haha

Is there an interesant experience you want to tell?

 I have had a lot of mishaps and mistakes happen throughout the years. Like power going out and systems failing right in the middle of a concert. I always remember those. One of my best highlights is with Whitecross in Guatemala in the summer of 2008. It was my first introduction to Guate. In September of 2009 I was in Europe with The Royal Guard. Most of my time was spent in the country of Estonia. That was a ton of fun as well.  


Usually there is a message that a band or artist is trying to say in their music. Some of it is not generally good. We want to share Christ’s love through music. If we can encourage somebody or really get people to think about their life and the right choices that they can make, then that is what we want. Even if it means them just singing our song during a bad day to help them get through it……





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